RUINS is a Hack & Slash / Action RPG indie game.
Plenty of enemies, different weapons, huge bosses and a creepy story in a dark fantasy world.
Inspired by Souls series, Berserk, Game of Thrones and many others.
It’s cross platform game, currently focused on Steam (PC, Mac).

Currently, the development is frozen due to ruins IRL we encountered with. Soon we will rise the RUINS and won’t stop until delivering the best possible experience. Stay with us, subscribe and wait for announcements!

We’ve been GreenLighted!

Learn about RUINS

Rapid & Tactical

b2.4Slasher: rapid, unstoppable, yet still tactical.
Enemies are designed like a puzzle: you must find out the best approach, weapon set & battle rhythm. And always remember about stamina, which is the same as health.

Role Dying Game

Death brings both Penalties & Rewards.
Perished hero never will be the same, but your progress won’t stop, and you’ll move forward all the time.
That’s how RDG – our new role system – works.

Dark Narrative

This world needs no saviour: it’s already dead.
Try to save yourself  till this escape turns into a psychedelic thriller that will break all your expectations into pieces – along with genre borders and cliches.

Stay tuned with us!

We want more!

There are a lot of features that may also appear in the game. Like these:

Whole World

Large areas, dungeons, stashes, ambushes and surviving… The best journey experience we can do.

Online Co-op

Start your journey with friends or random players to conquer the lands while supporting each other

Intrusion Multiplayer

Intruder breaks into your world. You both will decide: to fight till death, or to survive together.

However, it’s not easy for an indie team to make all the cool stuff at once. But we will do our best if you show your interest, and will support us in campaigns we’ll run soon :)
Also, if you have your own vision about features, that are best for RUINS – please, tell us!

What else?

Latest News


  • We’ve just start GreenLight! Your support is very important!

Site & Social News


  • There were some problems with updates, so new build is delayed for some time, but it will appear with new major features.

Nearest Update:

  • “Duels” level that let you choose an enemy and customise fight with him
  • New type of PC/Mac controls to play with mouse-only like it’s a gamepad
  • Whole new balance, including new types of behaviours and attack
  • Small improvements everywhere: animations, interfaces, texts, etc

Steps till Alfa-Version:

  • At least 2 more weapons and weapon system
  • Basics of RDG-system
  • More story elements in gameplay
  • Improved battle system (“special” and “combo” mechanics, more info soon)
  • New levels and enemies (we’ll post about them in blog)

Something special:

We are considering a possibility to invite players into RUINS development, by opening game configs to design or customise almost every part of balance and behaviours. Then you can contribute results back to us and get your name on game credits :)
Soon we’ll tell you more.

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