Enemy: Glutton


This bloated cadaver is most definitely not a human. But what it is, then? An otherworldly abomination? Or, perhaps, a victim of wicked alchemical experiments?

Someday, you’ll uncover the truth, but when you meet Glutton in the field, only one thing matters: he is incredibly tough. His rotting body can endure surprisingly high amounts of damage, and his formidable weight doesn’t hinder his ability to leap several meters high as if his guts were made of muscles.

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Battle Specs


  • Chase – runs after you while attacking repeatedly. This attack has a rather long build-up.
  • Leap – leaps high into the air and tries to land on top of you, emitting shockwave.
  • Throw – throws his cleaver at you.

Special abilities:

  • Summon Mites – squeezes Mites from his second stomach.
  • Devour – grabs and devours Mite to regain lost health.

Passive traits:

  • Mass – Glutton’s body stops attacks that normally allow you to dash through the enemies, so attacking him briefly renders you vulnerable.
  • Counter Attack – when hit until he ends his attack, Glutton strikes back. This counter-attack cannot be evaded, so choose time to strike cautiously!

Health pool: large
Kill it with: Grave sword

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