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Disclaimer: here it is described how it will look in release version.
Prototype hasn’t got some of these features yet.

Core gameplay is simple: the hero is under attack by waves of monsters, he is slicing through them and avoiding attacks with “dashes”, getting experience and abilities, reaching new locations and enemies.
Yes, it’s that simple.

But it is not only about the speed of reaction: the gameplay force you to think about next moves, like a good slasher or action-rpg do.
At least, that is our goal.

Weapon and Skills

There are several weapons with different attack speed, range, area of effect, etc.
You can choose two of them and use any as for primary or strong attack.
Depending on that choice your character changes his specs and gains meta-mechanics (such as cooldown / overheat / combo …).


Combining weapon choice + attack types + upgradable character specs you’ll get thousands of possible combinations. But only one will be perfect for current enemy set.
And here’s why:

Enemies Behaviour

There are not just “unique enemies”, but also no similar attacks.
We made it so that enemies’ behaviour is based on their set of actions. Every action has about dozen customisable specs, designed to make this enemy an interesting and unique opponent.

For example – there is a “Shoot” action.
But the Shoot can be direct or ballistic, possible to pierce throw everything or explode on touching, freeze or poison, unleash several bullets in a row, can be a “laser beam” or hit from the top, like aerial bombing.

Our goal is to create a challenge where you need to adapt to enemies’ behaviour and disclose the perfect strategy against each of them.

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