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bossScreen1_84mbIt is not a fantasy universe as it might seem and as you got used to.
First, it’s not just fantasy. It’s cruel, glum and bloody.
Besides, there are no orcs and elves. But zombies – as you know, there is no successful game without zombies (sarcasm board).

True: we were inspired by BerserkGame of ThronesDark Souls and many others.
Also true: it’s not the same. Other ideas and references would be a spoiler, but for sure: it’s not what it looks like.

Art Style

RUINS art has a slight influence of comics, and it has no intention to make you sad or scared
to death.

We call this Art & Setting together Grim Fantasy – slightly toonified glum & bloody medieval world with creepy creatures, walking dead, and where magic is still not some trivial stuff but something supernatural.


The story will tell you about a fallen emperor who found himself beneath the ruins of his
kingdom without memories of disaster that had led to that.

He is wandering among decaying leftovers of civilisation, searching survivors and reasons of tragedy, but facing only cold ruins, strange artefacts and signs of the some reality distortion.
And also creatures who have no intention to leave him alive

Recovered memories and restored history of his Empire will reveal the truth that explains everything and gives the hope for salvation.
Or not – it’s for Player to decide.

The story may seem rather simple. However, it’s made to provide strong emotions and shocking twists – all in order to ruin each and any genre borders.
We were inspired not only by Souls/Berserk series but also by all kinds of brain-cracking stories. From “To the Moon” to “Bloodborne”, from “Firewatch” to “Last of Us”, from “Dark Tower” to “Song of Ice and Fire”.
They all united by a deeper layer of well-conceived history underlying the current narrative – and we do so.


And what’s also important: we did not intend to bury you under tons of text in the game. Unlike in this blog ;) Instead, we want to leave RUINS narrative pure and clean, putting much of the story in the atmosphere, mood, and some occasional places – like item descriptions in DS-series, but in our case it will be menus and diary.

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