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Role Dying Game

Disclaimer: this is how final version of the game will look like. Not all of these features are in the prototype.

You will die

d3You will die. You will die again and again.
And death should be meaningful.
Because, in a way, the whole game is about death and rebirth.

We are making an RPG with upgradable stats and variety of weapons (learn more about them)

So, could we make permadeath and loss of all progress, in fashion of rogue-like games?
Come on, game must be fun to play, not painful!
Generally, punishment for death is not what we’re aiming at.

dieHow about solution that Souls series provided, changing “world tendency” or “humanity”? It works for Souls, but not for us: there’s not much “world tendency” can alter in our world.

In addition, we want our death mechanic and story (which is yet to be unfold) fit each other as closely as possible.

Therefore, we came up with idea of RDG – Role Dying Game.




Ask yourself: if you died and came back to life, would you be the same as you were before dying?

It’s the basic concept of RDG: death and rebirth should change you, as if you become a different person. 
This will affect specs multipliers, preferences in the choice of weapons and not just that.
You won’t lose your progress or upgrades if you die.
Naturally, you wouldn’t want to die. You get used to traits of your character, to playstyle they provide.
d2But when this happens – it’s not a big deal. You will try something new, and, perhaps, new incarnation succeeds where the old one fell.
Of course, we have yet to try this system out before game is released, and things may be different in the final version. But you have the idea of our core mechanics and why we chose it.

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