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NewPanoHello! We are making RUINS: an arcade slasher with pixel-art, plenty of game mechanics, easy controls and special focus on story and narrative.
Under development for PC/Mac and mobiles

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We will:


  • Uncover the release and development plans
  • Regularly post the videos, gifs, pictures, etc
  • Tell you more about the game and our production process

What to do here right now?

You can try RUINS prototype or read more about ideas, gameplay and story:
Arcade Slasher

We are designing as simple & sharp gameplay as it is possible without any loss in mechanics depth. Dozens of enemies and epic Bosses are included.

Dark Narrative

Story of the fallen emperor, trapped in the world of decay, turns to a psychedelic thriller and ever further. We are making it pure and provided indirectly.

Role Dying Game

Plenty of upgradable specs and different weapons, provided via our progress-system: RDG, D for Dying. Neither permadeath, nor save’n’load: something totally new.

Message us any feedback!

Also, don’t be shy to tell about us to your friends, every time you click “share” button we rescue a kitten! :)

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