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indie, hack&slash, action RPG, arcade, pixel-art, souls-like, dark-fantasy.


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Release date

Plan B: Early 2017
Plan A: Late 2017

Alt. Names
  • Rotten RUINS
  • Grim RUINS
Short Description

RUINS is an indie slasher / action RPG, inspired by Souls series, Berserk, and many others.
Dynamic battles, different weapons, smart enemies, huge bosses, unique role/specs-system and a creepy story in a dark fantasy setting.

Detailed info

  • Core Gameplay
    • Battle USP
      Player is slicing through enemies and avoiding attacks with one basic action, “dash”, that forces him to move and change position.
    • – Unlike classic 2D slashers (Hyper Light Drifter, EITR):
      mix of attack and move leads to rapid & dynamic battles with simple & intuitive controls.
    • – Unlike “dash/slash” games (Dark Slash:Hero, Slash or Die):
    • RUINS is deeper and more tactical: there are weapons  with special actions and effects and enemies with complex behaviours, which requires special approaches in the fight.
    • Main idea: “Easy to learn, hard to master”

    • Weapons & Skills
      There are several weapons – Player can take two of them to battle – one as “basic”, second as “charged”.
    • Each weapon has:
      – Basic Attack
      – Charge Attack
      – Combo / Special
      – Influence  hero specs (speed, dodge)
      – Limits (cooldown / overheat / energy consume …)
    • Also, Hero has “talent” for some weapon that enforces its damage and adds some effect to attacks.

    • Enemies
      Enemies are designed to cause you troubles. Usually, they have a huge set of features, including different attacks, special abilities, and also unique behaviour and weakness.
    • Archer can cause a rain of arrows and run away when you step too close.
      Pikeman is vulnerable only while dashing at full speed towards his target.
    • Glutton may squeeze Mites from his stomach, and also eat them back to recover some health.
    • Scull-spider leaves a spot of web when dying, and that slowers your movement.
    • And that was just a small part of unique abilities.

  • Role Dying System
    • How RDG works
    • While playing, the player reveals new weapons and can upgrade them permanently.
      Hero specs are not upgradable. However, they will be changed dramatically when new “death cycle” comes. Death affects:
    • Stamina: energy cap, recovery speed, rest duration.
    • Agility: dodge chance, move speed, attack delay, stun duration.
    • Talent: random weapon gets bonuses to its specs and also some additional effect (slow, poison, pushing, etc).

    • Why RDG?
    • – Fun in mastering: RDG regularly changes your strengths and weaknesses, motivate to pick new weapons, all in order to generate new challenges and not letting you get bored even when meeting well-known foes because old tactics may not be effective anymore.
    • – Gives Player the reason to find out the synergy between weapon set and Hero specs, bringing some”deckbuilding” fun
    • – It’s a mild way to balance game difficulty: if you can’t pass some level and keep dying again and again – sooner or later new rebirth will grant you perfectly matching specs.

  • Storry & Narrative
    • Story
    • This world needs no saviour: it’s already dead.
    • The story will tell you about the man who once was a Great Emperor, but found himself beneath the ruins of his kingdom without memories of the disaster that had led to that.
    • He is wandering among decaying leftovers of civilisation, searching for reasons of the tragedy, but facing only cold ruins, strange buildings, and creatures who have no intention to leave him alive.
    • Hero is heading to his old castle, whose shadow is barely visible on the horizon.
      But the less left to the castle  – the more questions caused by this odd, wrong world.
    • Recovered memories will reveal the truth that explains everything and gives the hope of salvation.
    • Or not – it’s for Player to decide.

    • Approach
    • The story may seem rather simple. However, it’s made to provide strong emotions and shocking twists – all in order to ruin each and any genre borders.
    • We were inspired not only by Souls/Berserk series but also by all kinds of brain-cracking stories. From “To the Moon” to “Bloodborne”, from “Firewatch” to “Last of Us”, from “Dark Tower” to “Song of Ice and Fire”.
    • They all united by a deeper layer of well-conceived history underlying the current narrative – and we do so.

    • Methods
    • There won’t be tons of text and dialogues that force Player to look for a “skip” button.
      RUINS narrative will remain as pure and clean as it’s possible, mostly by putting much of scenario in the atmosphere, mood, and some occasional places: like item descriptions in DS-series.
    • But in our case there will be random historical notes in menus,  diary records, and some flash memories, triggered by known places and things.

Release Plans

There are:

  • Features we’ll do for sure (plan B, MVP)
    • Arena-based Levels
    • Large levels, divided by small areas with different surroundings.
      Enemies generated by waves

    • Local Co-op (only)
    • Local players can join your game at any time with “default” profile to help or to fight each other.
      Level will remain the same

    • Everything else
    • Of course, all features mentioned before such as battle system, bosses, RDG, etc – are considered as a part of Plan A by default.

  • Those we believe in (plan A)
    • Metroidvania World System
    • Giant world with bonded zones for exploration, with secrets, stashes, enemies camps, ambushes, etc

    • Online Co-op, Raids
    • Players can start a new game with online friends or random players in a special Raids mode, optimised for teams supporting

    • Intrusion Multiplayer
    • Intruder breaks into players world. They both will decide: to fight to the death, or to survive together, against more powerful enemies

A-features are not promised for release, but we’ll include into the game as much as we can.
Besides, the features we were unable to include by default can become goals on crowdfunding platforms.

Facts in numbers

Detailed for plan B (MVP):

Char Specs

±10 variable via weapons or RDG


4-8, each with 2 prim./add. effect + combos


15-20, >10 with 3 or more attacks/specs


3-5, with detailed battle scenario

Battle Areas

20+ areas, combined inside 5-20 levels

Play Hours

5-15h in average, 2-3 clean (if invulnerable)


Over 9000


Ilya Tumenko

Design, code, magic

Eugene Udin

Pixel-art, some animations

Ruslan Viter

Music and sounds

Fill Sadilov


Andrew Melnik


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